Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tubs

Tranquility can be affordable

hot tubNow you can have the Old World luxury & Zen of one of our wood- fired cedar hot tubs.

There is a stainless steel woodstove within the tub. A cedar fence separates the stove from the occupants sitting on cedar benches around the wall of the tub. Wood is added to the stove through a top hatch that seals shut. A small fire heats the water to the desired temperature. The temperature is controlled by adjusting the air control. Cool water is drawn by convection current up around the stove and the warm water is circulated. It is insulated so well that the temperature will stay 90 degrees F over night.

hot tubThe cedar creates a stunning aromatic, therapeutic experience.It is serene due to the fact that there is not electric buzz of motors and pumps, no chemicals and no plastic required.

Our hot tubs are made with the highest quality western red cedar & 304 stainless steel submersible wood stove. We sell the complete kit with:

4ft (deep) x 5ft cedar tub, stainless steel stove & chimney, tub cover, cedar fence, benches & stair.  Seats 3 - 5 people.

hot tub


This model is the 3 foot high tub.

hot tub


hot tub

Pictured to the right is a 3 foot deep x 5 foot wide tube with special order hard cover top.

Below is a 2 person tub with outside woodstove.

tub party 2 person tub