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***Please have your stove or fireplace completely cold on the scheduled day of service***

Chimney Before SweepingYour Chimney Needs Sweeping If:

Chimney After SweepingMinimum Maintenance:

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Creosote in chimney capCreosote on outside of chimney cap






Soot Buid Up and Efficiency Chart


If any of the above conditions are present please call us or email for an appointment.


From light cleaning to blockage removal - we want to encourage home owners to call us sooner Rather Than Later!


Myers Chimney Sweeping Policy & Procedure

Every invoice will clearly state the creosote conditions before the sweep as well as a description of the Chimney Flue condition.

Upon arrival at your home we will evaluate your appliance and venting system. We have 3 separate brush, pole & rod systems that can deal with any configuration that is encountered.

It will also be determined whether or not your chimney will be swept from above or below. We have a telescoping, flexible rod and brush that is capable of negotiating chimney and flue pipe offsets from the bottom of the chimney up to 50ft.

If, for example your chimney is very high over the roof line and cannot be safely accessed from the roof this type of brush system would be used.

Most importantly you will be informed which process will be utilized and what the various steps are before the work begins. This is so you will be aware, comfortable and confident with the service that we provide. Our goal is to sweep your chimney system thoroughly and our knowledge and equipment is up to the task.

Lastly, relating to sweeping cost. We have always used a flat rate system. A very small percentage of the time we are confronted with very inefficient systems or customers using green or wet wood that produces high creosote levels or even a thick glaze in the chimney or customers who only call us when their chimney will not function any more. As I said this is not the norm. In these situations we will charge more than our flat rate to reflect the extra time and skill involved. We have no way to foresee the condition of your chimney. We do not know the full work involved until the work is completed. So in these rare cases you may be informed after the fact if an additional charge has been applied.